The science behind being annoying :(:

Good days and bad days aren’t always necessarily down to us. Our senses play a big part in our daily lives.

Imagine humans are more sensitive in the mornings. By the time we wake up to when we arrive at our destination, how have our neighbours at home or whilst travelling created a positive or negative ripple effect on our day ahead?

Umwelt means the surrounding world as experienced by a particular organism. Our senses as humans are different to a dog or a snake. Our perception of the world through our senses vary enormously.

Taste, smell, sound and sight are receptive via organs in our head, although touch, is all over the body, and that includes temperature which can affect our mood. Could this explain why some of us are grumpier in the mornings in the winter than in the summer?

How do our senses play a role in our relationships, friendships, love and professional world? Our sensory umwelt is subconsciously filing away information and is part of our experience review system. Our decision making processes are made through comparing and calculating patterns of sensory trust.

It’s almost as though our conscience has it’s own unique formula which adapts as we grow older. We find ourselves in environments with those who share similar values, which makes us feel more comfortable.

What could make us the perfect neighbour?

We’ve all experienced the sunrise car revving, the drunk loud music playing neighbours puking on the doorstep, smelly smokers, the ones who leave the rubbish out for the foxes to rummage and even the ugly naked person in the window. Undoubtably these are all behaviours from probably very nice people just living in a bubble, as humans tend to do.

Moving onto en-route neighbours, apparently 1 in 50 find love on an airplane according to CNN.

We don’t usually intend to be rude to our neighbours face to face, some prefer to save their trolling for social media or for road rage because there’s a screen or barrier for protection. If we meet someone in person, even if we don’t speak the same language, we can still feel some sort of vibration and sense of mood.

At a hotel breakfast whilst travelling, this guy on the next table, tilted his bottom up towards my direction and farted really loudly, then slowly lowered his bottom and continued slurping his bowl as though nothing had happened. I was horrified.

Then again, we’ve all been that person in the lift or on the train who wreaks of garlic or hangovers, but it’s not like we’re not going to enjoy a night out because we haven’t considered our fellow commuters. Perhaps one day there’ll be free mints on every transport service.

Without going in too deep, it feels that when we’re ‘trapped’ in an environment, etiquette and awareness plays a big part in the world we share. Stepping over the boundaries will inevitably annoy.

Travelling teaches us there’re cultural traditions which some of us may or may not be aware of. What’s accepted for one, might not be accepted for another.

So perhaps by midday our sensory umwelt has taken in quite a bit, not including the rest of the day, but how could we get a better understanding behind the science of what’s going on? There’s a dark and light side to everything.

Quantum Physics plays a big part in our sensory world. When we hear the first chord of a song and we’re virtually teleported back to the moment we first heard it. Or when we smell the scent which reminds us of that special person or place. That’s the Quantum World, that’s the lock and key mechanism in its simplest form. Our Quantum Perceptive algorithm subconsciously running away in the background.

Perfection might not exist, but what are the logical next steps for potentionaly upgrading humans? Could it be through fine tuning our senses?

Maya Angelou quotes “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Please check out Quantum Jigsaw for more curiosities:

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