Quantum Jigsaw is a pre-launch teaser to What We Can’t See. It’s about being curious on an undivided level, sitting on the bridge between fantasy and reality. We’re all on the spectrum somewhere, but what I’ve noticed is how different scientists and musicians are wired compared to the rest of us, almost superhuman. I’m neither, just curious, or a phrontist (deep thinker).

Quantum Jigsaw is about identifying the potential logical next steps for upgrading humans. We’ve all thought about what was acceptable 200 years ago, today and 200 years from now, and on reflection these are the joys of innovation at roadmusic.

The purpose of this document is to share these subconsciously collected Quantum Jigsaw pieces to see if there’s valuable research to be done, which might result in a positive ripple effect on humanity, by merely provoking and disrupting busy thoughts and connecting curious like minds.


Over the years having experienced good luck and bad luck, I started to notice a number of strange coincidences with peculiar timing. The details aren’t relevant at this stage and I don’t believe in magic, but I do believe in science (nature) and I hope to find an explanation for these events. Life is for living.

Our perception is what one side of the brain determines from the data accumulated on the other side and, depending on the individual’s experiences over their entire life, their perception of an event or situation might be very different. Under normal circumstances people with similar backgrounds will tend to perceive things similarly, but those with different backgrounds and past experiences may have a very different perception of exactly the same event or situation, since the one side of the brain will have different data accumulated for the other side of the brain to interpret and reach a resultant conclusion.

“It’s nice if you like it dear.” P. Abbey

How we feel about or observe a particular situation now might be different to how we felt about it this time last year, or in a year from now.

Each one of us is unique, we’re all different, inside and outside, which is why I find discrimination the most ludicrous observation of all, since we are not all the same. Funny thing is, when we go to give a labrador a new home, we might buy a book about that dog to make sure we can give it the best possible future. How many detailed books are there on variations in humans?

Rod Stewart’s lyrics say ‘Yet we get a trifle weary, with Mr. Einstein’s theory’ — As Time Goes By. Wonder what he meant by this?


“Look into nature, and you’ll understand everything better.” Einstein suggested.

If nature wants to have a huge earthquake or a thunderstorm, there’s very little humans can do about it. The universe has been around for a lot longer than us, and no matter how much money we’ve got, nature rules the world. If we’re agreed on this, are you curious to find a way to plug into it? We’ve heard it’s all about vibration (vibes).

Nature produces germs, and those germs can make us ill. We can’t see them. When we travel around, we’re conscious of germs so that we don’t get poorly and ruin our holiday that we spend our lives working for. Why is the unseen world perceived as negative? Creating life is an unseen positive, what else? I’ll touch more on this later.

Why do some take their shoes off inside a home? Whilst this might be a religious tradition for many, for me it’s because it’s more respectful and comfortable but also so I don’t traipse potential dog poo particles everywhere. I can’t see them, but they might be there.


Umwelt is the surrounding world, as experienced by a particular organism. Our senses, as humans, are different to those to a dog for example, or a snake, fish and so on. Our perception of the world, through our senses vary enormously.

My favourite Ted Talk by David Eagleman pointed out that, a dog looks at us puzzledly and wonders how we can not know, that there is a cat 100m away, or that our friend was on this spot just a few hours ago.

We can’t see smells but we know they’re there and we detect them through vibration.

I’ve noticed that our taste, smell, sound and sight are receptive via organs in our head, although touch, is all over the body, and that includes temperature which can affect our mood.

How do our senses play a role in our relationships, friendships, love and professional world? Our sensory umwelt is subconsciously filing away information and is part of our experience review system, whether we realise it or not. Our decision making processes are made through comparing and calculating patterns of sensory trust. Experiences have now become a priority over possessions, which in turn is changing our economic behavioural wants and needs. . . Cue Sharing Economy.

It’s almost as though our conscience has it’s own unique formula which adapts as we grow older. We surround ourselves with those who share similar values, which makes us feel more comfortable.


We’re meant to be the most intelligent species on the planet, yet we’re not necessarily using our brains to their full potential, which could be down to our environment. Nature’s ageless gardeners (the insects) work jolly hard regardless of the anthropological footprint. I often wonder if insects can communicate between species? Their ‘civilisations’ considerably outdate ours.

The word consciousness sounds like an STD cult to some. It’s stereotyped when it’s actual science and the door to awareness of how we feel about ourselves and how we treat others.

“It’s not the most intellectual of the species that survives, it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt best to the changing environment in which it finds itself”. . . so says Charles Darwin in his “Origin of Species.”

Let’s say when we’re born that’s the beginning, and when we die it’s The End. So there must be something in the middle to define the levels of consciousness in our lifetime.

The following version could explain the state of mind / awareness / consciousness levels, in no particular order apart from born to begin and dead to end:

What this means to us now, might mean something different later. In the future, will our smart watch measure our levels, and will this affect our gateways to responsibilities, credit scores and earned respect? Cue Black Mirror episode, I’ve yet to see.


Are we on the way, already there or not so much, the best possible version we can be? With technology racing ahead are humans evolving at a similar rate? It’s about using technology to make life better for ourselves.

When will we have a watch that tells us what food and drink we need, not what we fancy? Could upgrading humans be about giving our senses what they need, not what we fancy? We don’t like beetroot, tough, mix it with ginger to take away the taste. Simply not eating healthy food because we don’t like the taste is shooting ourselves in the foot.

We look after our cars better than our bodies. We want to pour a bottle of vodka into our engine and expect it to function properly the next day? We only have one body, what happens if we actually look after it? If we get rid of toxins, will our senses become more sensitive and as a result does our intuition become laser sharp?

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” 100% agree with Roald Dahl.

Improving or recovering our senses is only a good thing, but how do we do it naturally?

As we start to live longer, how will this affect our umwelt? How will the light of human improvement show it’s shadow? It seems everything has a dark and a light, no rain no flowers.

Hawking suggested we slow down our inventions, since we could be creating more problems. Do you think he included discovering more of nature?


Some of us fear change and/or live for each day as it comes, some of us can’t help being curious about the future. The scientists know their stuff, and the hippies are sure they can feel stuff. The problem is, the scientists won’t talk to the hippies in fear of jeopardising their reputation, so seeing as I’m not a scientist or a hippy, I’m bravely diving into the rabbit holes.

My first music science experiment from a sound and blood perspective was born through a suspected incurable blood cancer experience. Wondered if cymatics (ripples / vibrations in liquid) could affect our blood and furthermore could our blood type determine our music genre preference? Does the playlist we listen to on the way to work or in the bath make a difference to our health and performance?

As a result, I spent two and a half years devising and instigating the ‘Can Music Influence the Longevity of Human Blood Cells’ experiment with a team of scientists. Thanks to the crowdfunder, my intuitive predictions turned out to be worthy of continued discovery scientific research, which has inevitably catapulted me further into the land of curiosity.


The Quantum World of Physics wouldn’t seem to be logical. It’s the one topic that’s blown the minds of scientists for generations. One of the universe’s greatest mysteries, or perhaps Pandora’s Box.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet astronauts and Hollywood stars along the way, and it seemed a no brainer to listen to their advice, seeing as they’re the ones living the dream. Along the turbulent and surreal journey, I also met some other pretty wild characters, who let’s say, changed my perspective.

By coincidence, a highly recommended healer said she doesn’t know what energy is exactly, but someone suggested it was linked to Quantum Physics. Luckily, my Dad’s been seriously passionate about science and engineering since he was a young boy, so I went back to my hero, prepared for rolling eyes, and Dad wondered why on earth, out of the blue, I’ve picked the most complicated subject on the planet. He empathised with my passion for answers and after a while, he too could see valid questions around timing and probability, but was keen to keep our feet on the ground. So off we set out to try and build a bridge between fantasy and reality utilising Quantum Jigsaw pieces.

“Sci-fi has never really been my bag. But I do believe in a lot of weird things these days, such as synchronicity. Quantum Physics suggests it’s possible, so why not?” John Cleese.


Science is about questioning everything. Before I start on the crossover between fantasy and reality, I’d like to be clear that I too have explored the Quantum Woo and fictional characters diluting the waters. Granted Quantum Physics requires a superhuman brain to grasp, and I don’t have one of those, but I do have a trusted source of qualified scientists, including my family, friends and clients, to bounce off these undivided curiosities. From my perspective, the most open minded scientists are the most respected and they’re the ones making most of the discoveries.

We believe that we understand how most of technology works, but we don’t understand how all of nature works, agreed? Everything is essentially made of the same stuff; protons, neutrons, electrons and a few other subatomic particles. If IBM use the principles of Quantum Entanglement to change how we use computers, then why not nature in terms of how humans function?

Whilst some are poised at the ready for Quantum Computing technology to take off, some of the super curious have thought to potentially apply Quantum Physics to humans.

When I met a Swiss friend, by coincidence, he said he was studying Quantum Physics. I asked why, and he replied that if he wanted to have a career in Quantum Computing he’s forced to qualify in Quantum Physics.

What this means to me, is that we’ve got some very smart young people entering the world of professional science applying the jigsaw pieces to technology. Only a very few of the baby boomer generation appear to have been introduced to the concept of Quantum Physics and I don’t remember this subject at school or perhaps wasn’t exposed to it. They also went to the moon back in the 60s and 70s, yet we are still to return.

Nevertheless, over time, it’ll be these connected like minds who accidentally or purposely uncover something groundbreaking, which could lead to upgrading humans and evolution. A wild assumption but what are the alternative next steps?

Some of the greatest leaders in the world seek the supernatural for guidance. Some of the most mysterious criminal investigations have been solved by authorities reaching out to the supernatural for information.

No matter how many trolls, probability suggests that there appears to be a very sensitive type of human being who can detect or notice more things than the average person. A not to be ignored unexplainable phenomena.

I don’t have the answers and the more I seem to learn, the more it twists my brain and the more I realise how much I don’t know. However, mentors have suggested I’m on the right track. This is Quantum Physics after all and information is infinite, along with the universe.


Quantum Physics plays a part in our sensory world. When we hear the first chord of a song and we’re virtually teleported back to the moment we first heard it? Or we smell that scent which reminds us of that special person? That’s the Quantum World, that’s the lock and key mechanism in its simplest form. Our Quantum Perceptive algorithm running away in the background.

This website on Quantum Perception has fascinated me for some time.


Jim Khalili has produced the best delivery so far on the BBC documentary of Secrets of Quantum Physics.

Jim mentions when describing how the robin bird senses it’s direction. “Quantum Entanglement is a close relationship, between a pair of particles, whose fates are intertwined. . . If this energy is created at the same event, they can instantaneously communicate, even if separated.” Einstein’s nightmare theory.

In reverse order, my second thought to apply Quantum Entanglement was that this might be a possible secret to the success of games of chance such as gambling. A potential dark side to manipulate money wins.

My first thought, so far without scientific evidence yet, on a human basis felt like a logical explanation for love, but I’m unsure why. How many songs are written about love? It’s not like we don’t think about the mystery. Have we found out why and how we love scientifically on an unseen level? Is it something to do with addictive particle physics? I’m not the only one thinking on these lines.

Having been exposed or dreamt up some of these questions, fantasy or reality, it’s no wonder I made the curious connection that it might explain telepathy. When someone texts you the moment you’re thinking of them. It’s happened to all of us, are we ENTANGLED?

It’s important to acknowledge that particles are not necessarily entangled forever. If we try to force the entangled particles into a particular state, the entanglement is broken and they become disentangled.

If humans are included within physical theories, and why not, we have particles too, does this have something to do with human relationships? Is declaring love or hate a form of measurement, force or entanglement? If the feeling is unrequited do the particles untangle?

Trolls and haters, before you dig in, someone at some point will ask the question, it’s about the process of elimination. Someone curious enough, with enough time, money, patience and resource, will test it scientifically, at some point, preferably before 200 years.


On Quantum Tunnelling, Jim Khalili suggests that tunnelling essentially makes strong knots into weak knots.

Almost like the particle finds a way through no matter what. Imagine we throw a tiny ball at a wall, it’s extremely unlikely to go through and will bounce back, but Quantum Tunnelling suggests that if we throw enough balls at the wall some will eventually pass right through. Weird!

Tunnelling or stretching is the only term I can currently find that explains the feeling when I meet someone I have a close connection with for the first time, or I see that person for the very last time before they check out.

It’s indeed a strange and sometimes uncomfortable feeling, but I’m by no means special, we’ve all felt deep human connections. I hope to find an explanation for this sensation, perhaps it is or isn’t on an unseen level.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting there’s a definite link, just not ready to discard this particular jigsaw piece yet. It appears all the Quantum principles belong together and there are infinite possibilities open to all of us.


The Quantum Eraser is the biggest mind twister of all, it hardly seems possible and is certainly ‘Back to the Future’ style.

The Quantum Eraser suggests that as long as something has not been observed, it can be considered as never having happened and the proposed end result can be erased.

Dad helped explain — “The point is that “ As long as we can erase all trace of anyone or anything having seen something happen or the effects thereof” then it can be considered as never having happened and therefore all possibilities remain and the results can be manipulated. However, as soon as someone has observed or measured the happening, or the effects of the happening, then it must be considered as having happened and therefore cannot be changed.”

Sorry what was that? As blown away as I am, how do we apply these principles to benefit humans?


The recommended energetic healers, I went to see a few of them, all over the world, it was wild, fun and emotional. I briefly explored all the decorations which go with it, but lost interest pretty quickly as I struggled to find any scientific evidence. I gave it a try and will continue to be open minded within reason. I don’t regret any of it, as painful as some of it was.

So my grateful and personal conclusion is from my experience, 50% of the predictions from the healers, mediums, psychics etc. are ‘yet to unfold’ or bunkum, yet the other 50% with credit where it’s due, is spookily and unfoolably accurate. I can only use Schrödinger’s Cat paradox as an example of how to explain it. The cat in the box can be considered as both dead and alive until we open the box.

We appreciate it’s about balance, but the illusion of magic is uncomfortable for others to digest, events don’t add up and people understandably don’t listen without proof. Hence why a bridge between fantasy and reality could be built through science.

The debatable difference between miracles and magic is that apparently nature does the miracles and humans supposedly do the magic. We all know that miracles do happen, but it’s all magic until science proves it otherwise.

To me, it’s not a matter of ‘do we believe in aliens or not’. It’s about acknowledging that the universe is the largest thing we can comprehend. We don’t know everything. Could it be more about life existing on other planets, at the same time as humans existing on planet earth? Life hasn’t always been here, and technology plays a big part.

Much like there might not be life on Mars now, but there might have been or there might be in 200 years. We’ve only just got the Internet and global civilisation still doesn’t exist in 2018. Who knows, good and bad aliens might be among us in another form, or bred into us, which could explain some characters in powerful positions. Who are the supernatural humans yet to be recognised or analysed?

“If we don’t read the newspapers we are uninformed, if we do read the newspapers we are misinformed.” Mark Twain quite rightly quoted, why does this problem still exist?

It’s more important than ever for our species to be educated correctly, we all have trust issues, which is affecting our relationships. I long for the day someone invents a verification opinion/fact publishing filter for the Internet. It’s difficult to tell what’s true and the planet at times, is under manipulation.

There may or may not be parallel universes, how do we know until we go to measure it? The Laws of Physics can and do change as new discoveries force new foundations to be laid. Closing the door doesn’t make these questions go away. Imagine how boring life would be if no one ever discovered anything else ever again, which is unlikely.

We could go on forever discussing Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty, gravitational waves, black holes, relativity, worm holes, and Willy Wonka’s teleportation etc. but I won’t. Is Quantum Physics the road to consciousness? Will our grandchildren be baffled that we didn’t learn Sensory Quantum Physics to help upgrade our human species? Will we tell them it was just too spooky to allow brain space?


A quote from a book I read when first starting out into the wilderness.

“Here’s the thing about crazy guys like my Uncle Damien: They don’t get stuck, and they don’t acknowledge rules. In a business setting, their complete disdain for the status quo can be invaluable. I have actually kept Damien on my payroll for the past twenty-five years. I give him twenty grand a year, which is more than enough to bankroll his lifestyle, and once or twice a year tap him for ridiculous ideas. . . Always keep a joker in the deck.” Ari Gold, Rules to Rule By.

You know when we meet someone, definitely playing in their own field, we never know, they just might have something special, that jigsaw piece we’ve been looking for.

To finish, I’ll leave you with a poem from Balcony Blues by

Emily Abbey 2018


roadmusic is curious about impact based projects which improve the planet. From earth to the quantum world and beyond. | | @thisroadmusic | Emily Abbey 2018

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