Could Quantum Physics force restaurants into innovation?

Why is taste so important?

Taste is our most important sense because it crosses over multiple sensory areas, including touch (texture & temperature), smell and sight, and the sound of the sizzling BBQ is a full house.

Perhaps it’s fair to say that food and drink makes the world go round, spanning from keeping us alive, to social and economic advantages.

Only when we experience the weakness of one of our senses, either temporarily or forever, do we then realise how lucky a fully functioning set is.


Taste, smell, sound and sight are receptive via organs in our head, although touch is all over the body.

Our perception of the world through our senses vary enormously. Umwelt means the surrounding world as experienced by a particular organism. How does the taste of an ice cream to a dog compare to how a human might experience it? A dogs sense of smell is super sensitive and they’re always hungry.

When will we have a watch that tells us what food and drink we need, not what we fancy? Could upgrading humans be about giving our senses what they need, not what we fancy? Simply not eating healthy food because we don’t like the taste is shooting ourselves in the foot.

We look after our cars better than our bodies. We pour a bottle of vodka into our engine and expect it to function properly the next day. We only have one body what happens if we actually look after it?


Nature produces germs which might make us ill. We can’t see them. When we travel we’re conscious of germs so we don’t ruin our holiday that we spend our lives working for.

Many of us suffer from allergies or autoimmune diseases and many are yet to be diagnosed. Some autoimmune diseases require compulsary avoidance of certain ingredients, because consumption causes their bodies autoimmune to attack itself.


The vegan trend has gained traction which is great news for some. Have the media chosen to focus trends on lifestyle choices rather than those who genuinely need improvements? How are these choices creating an impact on dietary communities in terms of awareness coverage priorities?

Innovative portable food sensors are making good progress, and it’s only a matter of time before the problem is solved. This doesn’t happen over night, but someone with enough passion, time, patience, money and resource will invent a product which forces all restaurants into innovation eventually.


Can we drop food on the floor, pick it up and be sure it’s 100% clean? It’s almost certainly cross contaminated with something.

‘Allergen friendly’ isn’t necessarily ‘friendly’ to the people who need allergen free food and half ticks the box.

One ingredient reaction may not be as severe or immediate as another reaction, but this doesn’t mean it should be taken any less lightly.

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. We can’t see what’s on the moon from here without a telescope, so why would we be able to see cross contamination without a microscope?


‘Look into nature and we’ll understand everything better.’ Einstein suggested.

Quantum Physics plays a part in our sensory world. When we hear the first chord of a song and we’re virtually teleported back to the moment we first heard it? Or we smell that scent which reminds us of that special person? That’s the Quantum World, that’s the lock and key mechanism in its simplest form. Our Quantum Perceptive algorithm running away in the background.

Everything is essentially made of the same stuff; protons, neutrons, electrons and a few other subatomic particles. If IBM use the principles of Quantum Entanglement to change how we use computers, then why not nature in terms of how humans function?

Invented for other purposes, but could this Quantum Biomimetic Electronic Nose Sensor be used for detecting food or drink ingredients? What if we could look into nature and somehow replicate the sense of smell from a dog?


Trust between customer and brand should be a priority, especially if money is exchanged. An oblivious customer may trust an oblivious brand, see the offering and dive in without questioning.

1% may appear to be a small proportion of the public in one specific dietary area, but these customers are loyal and they will return with their non fussy friends if it’s a worry free experience all round.

What invention or trend will be next that creates a positive or negative ripple effect? Which restaurants will still be around in years to come?

roadmusic is curious about impact based projects which improve the planet. From earth to the quantum world and beyond. | | @thisroadmusic | Emily Abbey 2018

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