Everyone needs a secret weapon, and Emily’s is her Dad. The Big Bang Theory meets Bond movie kind of team.

Dad is the perfect English Gentleman and has one of those walking encyclopaedia superhuman minds. He knows the formula to orbital velocity quicker than you can Google it! Emily is exceptionally curious and her father always encouraged her to have a range of thought.

Before setting up roadmusic, Emily won multiple awards including The Drum Roses and was recently pipped to the post on a Nobel Prize. She worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, BBC Worldwide, along with other marketing agencies looking after travel clients but not limited to. Utilising her creative, project management and science skills, she moved into the music industry to learn more about production and the sensory world.

Curious fact finding futurists.

Dad teaching Emily about the Quantum Eraser during their Quantum Jigsaw project research.

Photographed by Raymond Roker during the London John Carpenter tour.