Idris Elba – Coachella Curated.
Little Simz – Coachella Curated.
Little Simz for Coachella Curated by Michael W. Abbott website template design 2020.
Hollywood Private A-LIFE Membership by Gatsby Randolph 2020
Denis O’Regan & Duran Duran ‘Careless Memories’.
Denis O’Regan Production Project 2019
Can music influence the longevity of human blood cells? Experiment and crowdfund project.
Sthaler’s Fingopay Biometric Vein ID Project: Brand, website design, development and content production 2019
John Carpenter Release the Bats Halloween Tour London.
Lunar Mission One.
Taylor Herring – St Marks Studios – Samsung – QLED Quantum Nano Particle Technology. #TVBlackout
Save the Children – A world without healthcare – Overcoast Music & Dominik Danielewicz.
Maybelline Lash Sensational – Overcoast Music & Smoke & Mirrors.
Guitarwrist, Emma Hedley & KT Tunstall.
Ping Pong Dim Sum & Neverland Pop Up Restaurant London.
Advertising Week, Rudimental, Black Butter Records, Harmonic & Overcoast Music.